Apart from years of experience in the Recruitment industry, what distinguishes us from others is not just the experience that we have gained but our Approach. 101 Corporate take pride in considering ourselves as the preferred HR Partner for our clients. We firmly believe that our clients, as well as candidates, can be better served if their respective interests are identified and addressed – efficiently and effectively. With such a way of working, we: Direct all our efforts to selecting potential candidates who have just the right blend of technical capabilities, career objectives, and personality.

Provide the best staffing solution without wasting anyone’s time – be it the employers or the candidates. Take complete responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us.

101 Corporate was incorporated with a vision to bring impactful changes in the way recruitment practices have been conducted thus far. At 101 Corporatewe believe that the recruitment landscape has gone through a dramatic change however the operating practices have been age-old. Notwithstanding the increase in business challenges, engagement models and talent pool has not undergone a proportional change. 101 Corporatewas born to steer the market practices in a different direction, a path that we believe is based on the principles of fairness, equity, and performance.

We believe our methods are different from normal market practices and we trust ourselves to deliver commitments. We do not promise results instead we walk with you through the journey as a partner with an undying spirit of partnership. Over the last few years, we have made an impact in the lives of quite a few professionals whom we guided to a new job and in the process helped our client companies to absorb some of the best talents in the marketplace.

Retaining top-rated executive search firms to find proficient senior-level resources for your organization is vital to your time and cost-effective talent onboarding plans. We at 101 Corporate, Our Consultancy offer a research-driven and effective recruitment service to our clients. Efficiently utilizing modern recruitment methods and deploying technology tools will redefine the search process that exists today. Candidates being sourced through such a recruitment process results in lucrative outcomes for the companies. 101 Corporate is one of the leading and reputed Executive HR Search Firms in Mumbai and we assure our clients to provide the best consulting and recruitment services. We find the most suitable employees to suit the specific requirements of the company in a timely and budget-friendly manner. As a top executive search firm, we provide you executive search services for various domains In Mumbai and other top cities in India.

Each member of 101 Corporate has a perspective of life that goes beyond material aspirations. We believe that a clean value system is the most necessary pillar to build a large tower that we aspire to build in the times to come. Management takes specific care in articulating these core values to all aspiring and current members of the team. This focus on the inner voice translates into good practices which ultimately results in good karmas for us and our clients.

At 101 Corporate, we not only provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to get their dream jobs. We can help our clients to get suitable candidates, cultivate them and retain them. Our comprehensive recruitment and staffing solutions as HR consultants ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for your workforce requirements.

We have adopted the international practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market; thereby offering the best employee recruitment. We provide our client companies with not only a set of candidates but also a discussion on best-fit market availability, comparative benchmarking, and comfort knowing. Our online recruitment solutions are the best in the market today.

At 101 Corporate, we follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection process, which starts right from understanding the clients’ needs and functions to follow-ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment.

In the planning stage, we evaluate the needs and requirements of our clients to determine the required set of skills and understand organizational behavior and relationships. This forms an integral part of our customer-focused recruitment services. Working as a cohesive team with our client, we identify the required experience and other characteristics, which are necessary for the successful candidate.

101 Corporate selects those candidates, who fit in well with the company’s plan. To ensure the best recruitment online of a suitable candidate, we give prime consideration to the company’s existing business activities, business plans, work culture, structures, systems, and plans. We concentrate on the job description, its key result areas, opportunities, career implications, location, salary, and benefits.

The initial planning enables us in identifying the needs of both the company as well as the candidates, which further leads us to decide on a search strategy to target specific skills, education, personality, and experience. It is because of this comprehensive and strategic planning, we are today one of the most sought-after recruitment agencies in the market.

Being an efficient recruitment agency, during the mapping exercise, we perform industry specific desk and field research on companies and relevant people to identify the key competencies. It includes job title, principal accountabilities, key result areas (KRAs), authority to be infested, external/internal contacts, reporting procedures and supervisory relationships, working conditions/environment, job specifications, compensation package, location, and other necessary details. Amongst several recruitment online companies, 101 Corporate is your most trusted staffing provider.

Field research is one of the primary aspects of effective recruitment online services. It provides us with a long list of qualified candidates, who are worth pursuing. After this process, we start the search to identify suitable candidates either from our exhaustive database or by advertising for the position.


Temporary Staffing
We give you the flexibility to add or remove resources as your business needs fluctuate. Get what you need to run your business smoothly, whether that’s on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We can provide you with the qualified talent for as long as you need.

Permanent Staffing
We carefully screen and evaluate highly trained individuals with specialized skill sets to provide you with the most qualified candidates possible. We go beyond verifying our candidate’s experiences, skills and education to carefully select the most appropriate candidate and provide you with the best new employee we can offer.

On-Demand Staffing
Our On-Demand team fulfills your staffing needs within hours and provides round-the-clock service, 365 days per year. Transportation can be provided to and from the job site.

On-Site Services
We take the job of managing your temporary workforce off your hands. Say goodbye to all HR functions, payroll, employee orientation, scheduling and more.

Employee Payrolling
We take care of contractor payroll, federal and state payroll taxes, unemployment, and workers’ compensation.

Areas of Expertise..

We provide skilled and semi-skilled personnel in the following areas:
Packaging & Shipping
Manufacturing & Assembly
Machine Operation
Custodial & General Labor

Placing Success.

Miki I., Director of Product Development

Shared Experience

“101Corporate Group Inc. has been the go to resource for our company as we’ve grown. They’ve taken the time to get to know our needs, as well as our culture, and have repeatedly found us highly talented professionals that have the best potential to succeed in our organization. They are more than just a resource for us; we consider 101Corporate Group Inc. to be a true business partner.”

Miki I., Director of Product Development


Information Technology

We provide IT staffing solutions that go beyond simply matching technical skills. We work with IT personnel within software and web development and design, system and network engineers and administrators, tech support, business analysts, project managers and much more.

Engineering & Manufacturing

With several decades’ worth of experience in the engineering and manufacturing industries, we can find the talented professionals you need to successfully execute your projects. We collaborate with professionals in mechanical, industrial, electrical, manufacturing, tooling, quality, maintenance, and much more.

Accounting & Finance

We understand the supreme importance of talented accounting professionals to a successful business. It is with this mind that our networks range from personnel in general accounting, cost accounting, and financial reporting and planning, to professionals in audit, tax, credit, treasury and more.

Delivery Network.

Access Data

Access Data Consulting provides a diversified staff of information technology professionals.


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Ashley Ellis

Ashley Ellis is a nationwide Staffing and Recruiting firm, with a primary focus on the Information Technology industry.

General Employment

WeGeneral Employment provides direct hire, contract, and contract-to-hire services in the Accounting, Engineering, and IT fields.

Omni One

WeFor over 30 years, we at Omni One have been providing direct hire, contract-to-hire and contract staffing solutions for companies nationwide.


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Triad Staffing

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