Frequently Asked Questions

101 Corporate Best HR Consultancy Services

Why a business need an HR department?

Human Resource department is a very important part of the businesses. Employees are the backbone of any business as they help your business in getting customers, sales, and make profits. HR department helps your business in managing and providing values to your employees because a happy employee means a happy employer.

What are the HR Services?

HR Services are the services that deal with employees of a business. It includes hiring, recruiting, talent acquisition, payroll services, and much more. You can find more services by visiting siting our services page

What are the stages of recruitment process that Yunic Solutions provide?

101Corporate offers the best hr consultancy services using the industry renounced recruitment process. Different stages of Recruitment that HR consultancy service deals with are- prospecting, evaluating, filtering, analyzing, access, and hiring.

What Services do 101Corporate HR Consultancy Provide?

101Corporate provide multiple ranges of HR Services, from lateral hiring to IT recruitment we got it all. You can explore our recruitment services to find more HR related services.