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101 Corporate, one of India’s premier job platforms, links job searchers and candidates directly with startup founders, business owners, recruiters, and HR executives. Interviews may be scheduled within the app thanks to 101 Corporate’s clever AI-matching algorithms, inbuilt chat, and verification capabilities. It instantly links candidates with decision-makers.
A direct hiring platform for high-growth businesses that allows them to satisfy their employment needs without the need for consultants and with complete data protection.
101 Corporate is a startup-specific technology that allows decision-makers (CEO, HR, TL) to engage with possible candidates directly. Conventional hiring has practically become outdated in the present Indian startup ecosystem of quick hiring. 101 Corporate is currently known for its ten-fold speedier hiring procedure.
Job searchers want a more streamlined process when applying for employment online. However, because the traditional hiring process has not evolved in line with the dynamism of the Indian startup environment, candidates have been unable to engage directly with company founders.
101 Corporate has been tailored to the needs of the hour, allowing job seekers to contact directly Founders, Business Owners, and HRs at any time and from any location. 101 corporate also eliminates the need for middlemen like recruiting consultants, allowing for a direct link between the candidate and the firm founders while maintaining complete data protection.
101 Corporate instantly connects the Hiring managers with a massive and diversified database of skilled job seekers. This best job site disrupts the status quo of traditional hiring and facilitates direct hiring anytime, anywhere.
We connect recruiters and candidates in real-time, eliminating the need for emails and waiting for responses. When a user (whether a hiring manager or a job seeker) writes a message, they may immediately see if it was read by the other party and receive a response or feedback within a few hours.

Our AI-powered intelligent system connects job profiles with the best prospects. When a job is advertised, the hiring manager/CEO/Founders of Startups and SMEs will receive a list of only the most qualified applicants. The time-consuming procedure of screening resumes is no longer necessary. With only a few clicks, you can now hire the ideal crew.
We provide Direct and Quick notifications. 101 Corporate immediately tells a hiring manager/CEO/Founder of a Startup or SME if the AI system finds a suitable candidate for a job offered by them. We ensure that entrepreneurs do not lose out on any possibilities to develop their workforce in this way.
101 Corporate was created to assist you to find the best applicants, managing your talent pool, increasing team cooperation, and hiring top talent, all while saving you time and money. With the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) on the market, make recruiting and talent management your competitive advantages.
To make recruiting easier, we offer a complete ATS (Applicant Tracking System) solution. Hiring applicants has never been more enjoyable or effective because of, AI-driven recommendations, job portal integration, and a variety of other recruitment tools. You’ll be ready in less than 15 minutes, thanks to the design’s simplicity.
Use our website to increase applicant applications by publishing positions on tens of thousands of free and paid sites around the world, 101 Corporate’s preferential pricing allows you to manage all of your job ad campaigns directly within the platform, saving you money.
You won’t be able to remember everything there is to know about your candidates. You’ll always know who might be the best fit for the positions you’re looking for thanks to 101 Corporate recommendations. We use all candidate data to build comprehensive scorecards, and we combine candidate and job data to make your hiring process easier with AI-driven recommendations.
You may use our website on your computer, phone, or tablet to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. log in to our recruitment tools, and work uninterrupted with the complete suite of 101 corporate features available at all times, no matter where you are. On your career page, reflect your company’s brand and proudly explain who you are to top candidates who are visiting. Create or link your Career Page for an effective recruitment process to showcase your company culture and values.
Every recruit or placement should be tracked and managed throughout their entire job experience, from offer letters to onboarding and beyond. Use 101 Corporate recruiting websites to their best potential by customizing the onboarding steps to fit your procedure. Connect any employment board to our to bring all of your applicants into one place. Candidates that apply will have their profiles built for them and their applications will be added to the appropriate job, saving you time and effort. The internet is frequently your initial point of contact with a potential prospect. With our personalized career pages, you can make a solid first impression. We give you the tools you need to make your own in under ten minutes. Choose a template that matches your brand and customize it with the various choices available to meet your needs.
Every candidate who applies via the career page, job boards, or any other channel is evaluated and rated based on their abilities, work experience, talents, and skillsets. You can also link your career page and save all of your candidates’ information directly to the job you’re working on. You can look up their information whenever you want till you locate the ideal opening for their profile.
HR departments and recruitment firms can collaborate more effectively with our Vendor Management System (VMS). Integrate your ATS with your agencies directly, submit your job openings immediately, and receive submissions from your recruitment agencies straight using the 101 corporate websites. Share information with your recruiting partners and keep track of their progress. Share your job openings on social media directly from your 101 corporate-hosted career page to reach a wider audience and increase the exposure of your job posting. Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other popular social networking services are supported.
Duplicate profiles should be avoided in your database. The system will alert you to any potential duplication and allow you to consolidate numerous profiles automatically or manually without losing any data. Uploading many resumes at once saves time and work when creating candidates. We develop candidate profiles for you based on the information you provide in your CVs.