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With specialized service offerings in Executive Search, Recruitment Solutions, Staffing Services, Training, and project-based RPO hiring, 101 Corporate Manpower is India’s fastest-growing HR solutions company. We are headquartered in Delhi and provide world-class HR services to over 200 organizations through our company-owned offices across India. Leading multinational corporations and significant Indian corporations from a variety of industries are among our pleased clients. Recruiting and maintaining the proper staff is important to a company’s long-term stability and profitability. This is what we excel at 101 Corporate. If your firm needs leaders, managers, or front-line staff, 101 Corporate has the experience, expertise, and breadth of knowledge to find you the best candidates. Our staff of over 100 consultants has subject and industry experience and is dedicated to finding the best candidates for your company. 101 Corporate’s vision is to be a global leader in the Human Capital industry, particularly in emerging regions. Our crew is the key to our success. At 101 Corporate, team members are considered family members, and we work hard to guarantee that each member of the family achieves his or her personal and professional objectives and ambitions. A contented family member provides more to the family and others who are affiliated with it, whether they be our clients, associates, or internal customers. We provide more than just jobs… we provide a positive work environment, learning and skill development opportunities, and opportunities for advancement so that our employees can reach their full potential. Our most valuable asset is our people, and we work hard to protect and develop them. Once you become a member of our family, you will find that life at 101 Corporate is purposeful not only in terms of your work experience but also in terms of the people you meet and the support you receive in living a full life. 101 Corporate is a contributing member of prestigious organizations that adhere to a strict code of ethics. We pledge to follow the Code of Ethics and Standards. We endorse the principles outlined below and recognize that adhering to them is in the best interests of our applicants, workers, clients, and the search, employment, and staffing services profession’s reputation. In dealing with clients, candidates, workers, and all regulatory authorities, we adhere to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and fairness; and we maintain the confidentiality of records in line with the law and good business practices. We lead in ensuring that all applicable human rights, employment laws, and regulations are followed both in spirit and in word. We shall treat all candidates and staff with dignity and respect, and we will not accept any order that is discriminatory in any way from any client. We take all reasonable steps to provide customers with correct information about each candidate’s employment qualifications and experience, and we will only present candidates who have permitted us to represent their employment application. We give candidates and employees complete and accurate information about terms of employment, job descriptions, and workplace conditions, as provided by the client. We respond quickly to employee queries, concerns, or complaints about unsafe working conditions, discrimination, or any other issue impacting their employment terms and conditions. We will not solicit, persuade, or tempt a candidate who has previously worked for our client to quit. A potential conflict of interest that might influence or be perceived to impact personal actions or judgments is either avoided or disclosed. We adhere to the highest levels of ethics in all forms of advertising, communications, and solicitations, and we will conduct our business in a way that benefits the employment, recruiting, and staffing services industry’s operations, image, and reputation. We sustain personal and professional development in human resources management by participating in activities that increase the profession’s legitimacy and worth. We undertake an informal reference check to verify the short-listed candidates’ reported accomplishments and recent job experience. Following this phase, the client is given a list of our recommendations and assessments. We plan a meeting between the short-listed applicants and the customer after the informal reference checks, with correct travel arrangements and payment of travel expenses handled. After each interview, the consultant solicits comments from both the customer and the candidates. Throughout the customer interviews, we undertake a formal reference check on the applicants who have been chosen. Our recruiters make contact with persons or businesses who can provide information about a candidate’s qualifications, work ethic, and other pertinent information. These references’ comments are then discussed with the customer. We take an active role in the bargaining process, which includes pay. To negotiate and develop a competitive and equitable package, both the client and the candidates draw on our extensive knowledge of market compensation and benefits. We maintain in touch with the candidate until he or she joins the company since we recognize the value of the follow-up/ advancement phase. We maintain a continuing conversation with both the candidate and the customer once the successful candidate joins for a specific role. This handholding allows a smooth transition within the organization as well as the achievement of milestones and performance goals. The single most critical aspect of an organization’s success is leadership. Senior executives and top management are the most important resources for any organization. Board-level appointments, executive search, and CXO-level solutions are the most important resources for any organization. 101 Corporate is an expert at identifying, screening, assessing, and recruiting qualified persons to serve in a dynamic context. Companies are increasingly turning to specialized search services to assist them in identifying executives who can help them reach new heights. We have what it takes to assist you in hiring the perfect person for your company’s C-Suite positions. Search Partners, a specialist arm of 101 Corporate, is defined by the skills, information, and network we share across industries to play a critical role in selecting, screening, assessing, and employing the best available resource. Our pan-India reach enables us to provide huge corporations and emerging businesses with tailored and personalized services.

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