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101 corporate is a global online job search engine for job seekers and companies looking for top talent. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, and we’ve grown from our humble beginnings as a “job board” to a global provider of job finding, career management, recruitment, and personnel management solutions.
Innovation is at the heart of our success and our future: With new technology, tools, and techniques, we’re altering the way people think about work and assisting them in actively improving their lives and workplace performance.
101 corporate cutting-edge technology offers employers with relevant profiles and jobseekers with relevant opportunities across industry verticals, experience levels, and locations.
We assist employers in locating not just the highest-quality applicants, but also a larger number of them. To save time and money by streamlining the procedure. Also, to assist you in making better selections to increase your return on investment. Essentially, we want to provide you with the capacity to employ like no one else.
101 Corporate is a highly competitive company that specializes in providing global services solutions for businesses and organizations. The following are only a few of the consulting services that the organization provides: Recruiting and training are two of the most important aspects of a company’s operations. We Provide services to realize your goal, maintain successful relationships in delivering recruitment to our clients and candidates, and innovate constantly to become a hallmark of a dynamic organization that responds to the needs of its clients.
We provide superior and competent services to our clients and applicants in a timely and professional manner, thereby increasing their productivity and profitability. We feel that providing a range of support functions within an organization that necessitates outsourcing adds value beyond cost control. HRO, RPO, Staffing, Payroll Services, IT Consulting, Training and Skill Development, Shared Services Support, Managed Technical Support, Virtual Office Solutions, and Localization Services are some of our areas of expertise. We are devoted to what we do and are obsessed with it. At every point of the outsourcing lifecycle, we keep a close watch on our clients’ business strategies and align our competencies with theirs. We provide a conducive atmosphere for businesses to develop and excel by promoting a client-centric approach. Please contact us to see how we may assist you in reaching new heights.
We are Asia’s fastest-growing recruitment agency, assisting customers in hiring the highest-quality people more quickly all over the world. We offer a wide range of services, from temporary and permanent staffing to management consulting. We specialize in headhunting and sourcing passive resources in the fields of technology, product, and design using cutting-edge technologies and methods. Every task is strategized, built, and executed by our team according to your specifications. We have a can-do and will-do mentality, as well as the necessary experience to carry out a mission. We put everything we have into every task and every idea! In the recruitment industry, we create a consistent brand.
We increase company efficiency by locating the best applicant in the shortest amount of time possible through our expert search process. We’ve helped a wide range of firms, from large multinational corporations to small start-ups, locate the right talent over the years. Seeking assistance from knowledgeable HR experts is the only approach to reducing employee churn and enhancing employee engagement at your organization. Their strategic hiring and talent mapping initiatives might help your business avoid making poor hiring decisions. HR consultancy guarantees that a company’s human resources are working in its best interests. HR consultants strive to ensure that an organization’s staff is competitive and working at a high level of productivity by establishing a comprehensive Human Resources (HR) model in concert with a company’s long-term recruitment policy. HR Consulting as a Process
101 corporate strives to provide the finest recruitment experience to its partner clients by ‘micromanaging’ each process while maintaining a macro perspective. We don’t just focus on clients; we also focus on candidates. We aim to bridge the gap between the role and the candidate to find the best fit and ensure a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. 101 Corporate has built a good reputation as a client-focused executive search business since its inception. With a commitment to excellence, exceeding clients’ expectations is always our first focus. While our primary focus is on mid-senior positions, we work with a select group of clients who require people from entry-level to ‘C’ level positions to satisfy their specific business needs.
With an enviable customer roster, the company is uniquely and strongly positioned in its chosen industrial verticals. We’ve helped/are helping several companies establish world-class teams, and we’re proud of the fact that we were able to become their “preferred service provider” in record time. We now recruit heavily for India, with plans to expand our services to other Asian nations shortly.
101 company objective is to create global cross-cultural human connections that advance our employees’ careers while also strengthening our clients’ businesses. We’re driven to harness the strength of our worldwide network to match businesses with the right individuals and people with the right enterprises without prejudice. With a human touch, we provide Global Workforce Solutions.
We are grateful to the clients and workers with whom we work every day for helping us become a recognized global workforce provider. We want you to get the most out of your experience, whether it’s in terms of money, time, reputation, education, or gaining skills. We want to do the right thing by you and create tales that you’ll want to tell your friends, coworkers, and peers about.
The foundation of 101 Corporate is four pillars: Purpose, People, Performance, and Partnerships. We recognize our responsibility to follow these standards when we undertake them. Who we are and where we came from are the main pillars. We make decisions based on them. They set the tone for how we interact with our clients, vendors, community, and ourselves. They shape our society, relationships, and work.