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Ashley Ellis

We are India’s leading recruitment firm, offering best-in-class hiring solutions to our clients for the recruitment of top-tier technical and non-technical talent. Our Mission is to establish strong customer relationships by providing cutting-edge recruitment solutions and game-changing talent. And Our Mission is to become the most reputable company in the industry, providing the best-in-class employment solutions. At 101 Corporate, we use a combination of technology and terms to create personalized recruitment solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Each organisation has its own set of requirements, and the talent solutions we provide cover everything that will meet those requirements. We recognize that businesses fluctuate, thus we are adaptable enough to assist you in growing your business, no matter where you are on your journey. With humble beginnings, we set out to develop a bridge linking the industry’s greatest talent with the right company. We’ve come a long way in our quest to carve out a niche in the recruitment sector. We have invested in building a well-trained staff of recruiters who understand the pulse of the business and industry insights, and who can match the recruiting search to your business aim and target, respecting that people are the cornerstone of an organization. We have been serving with zeal for the past two decades. We’ve carved out a position for ourselves in the recruitment sector by accepting new challenges, adapting to changes, and welcoming new technology. We are a company that BELIEVES IN OURSELVES. Our Recruitment Team focuses solely on their allocated industry sectors, allowing them to gain an incredible depth of knowledge in their chosen fields. Each of our specialized senior recruitment consultants has many years of experience in their industry and sector, allowing them to provide dependable one-on-one consultations to ensure we share vital guidance in every step of the recruitment process, where our recruiter sources high-quality candidates sufficient to meet your business demands while also ensuring the candidate truly prefers the position our client is offering throughout the process. We aspire to form long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Passion is essential for success in any endeavor. As a result, we will only collaborate with you if we are passionately pulled to your business and have the same zeal as you. We can get the best services for you by connecting with your business goals. We want to be a pillar of support for your brand at every turn, not just today, but for years to come. When it comes to business, quality always comes first. We agree to work with you once we are confident that we can provide you with the best service available. In this highly competitive and volatile market, we understand, that accepting only the best pays off results. Adding value to your present business can propel it forward. As a result, we establish a relationship with you when we believe that our participation will provide your company with the boost it requires. This is because we cherish not only our own money but also yours. Every client has a particular set of requirements and expectations. We’re ready to work with you when we believe we’ll be able to satisfy your expectations and provide the specific service you’re looking for within the period you’ve set. Your business will prosper more when your partners are an asset to your brand. As a result, if we consider we could be a liability for you, we will not accept you as a customer. Your business will suffer if paying us is a bother or a burden to you. We are grateful for our customers’, partners’, and staff’ significant contributions to our success. Our business associates are responsible for making our company what it is today, which we sincerely acknowledge and appreciate. On different assignments for various functional jobs and at Pan India locations, it has been an honor to be associated and partner recruitment with various Indian & Multinational Companies from Specialty Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, and Lubricant. Having the ability to attract and retain top people is crucial to meeting corporate objectives. That’s why today’s top businesses are relying on tried-and-true resources and best practices to get the talent they need swiftly and affordably. The101 Corporate and its staffing and recruiting organizations can provide you with the best-in-class staffing and recruiting help you need to locate the people who will propel your company forward. People are essential to a company’s success. Their abilities and talents enable them to succeed. Their activities and attitudes shape a company’s reputation and foster a growth-oriented environment. While seeking and starting a new job can be a difficult period in a professional’s life, the appropriate employer connection can help them build skills, grow their careers, and even alter their lives. We appreciate the value of our mission to match exceptional talent with excellent opportunities at101 Corporate. We’re also committed to assisting businesses in acquiring talent in an ever-changing recruitment landscape, where skills, acquisition techniques, and the nature of work continue to evolve. A world-class strategy for attracting and maintaining the absolute greatest fit of personnel to advance any organization’s goals is used by our network of specialist organizations. In today’s extremely competitive talent market, a comprehensive approach to talent and business strategy helps us stand out and keeps our clients ahead. We know the top professionals in every local market we service, how much they earn, where to locate them, and when they are available. We also know what they value and what it takes to attract and retain them. We take the time to learn about your company and culture. We use a holistic approach to assess your service needs and collaborate with you to create a compelling employee value proposition that will attract top talent. We boost our speed and effectiveness in discovering top people to match your employment goals by leveraging our exclusive network of job seekers and a referral-based sourcing method. All candidates are put through a thorough screening process that includes resume matching, behavioral interviews, and supervisory reference checks. Certification verification, background checks, and other services are also available. By providing a smooth onboarding approach, we reduce the time it takes for our employees to become productive. We also maintain close communication with the client and our consultant for contract employment, proactively encouraging employee engagement, performance, and retention during each assignment.

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Whether you need someone to start a technical project or complete one, implement new technology or troubleshoot existing technologies, Ashley Ellis has got you covered.

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Direct Hire Staffing

These days, hiring is a challenge. You need outstanding IT and Engineering professionals, but job boards and traditional staffing companies have left you with hundreds of resumes and no follow up. It’s all frustrating, time-consuming and money-wasting.

Direct Placement

Find top notch IT or Engineering employees for your long term hiring needs.

Contract to Hire

Try before you buy! Evaluate an employee’s job performance before you make the ultimate decision.

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Miki I., Director of Product Development

Shared Experience

“101Corporate Group Inc. has been the go to resource for our company as we’ve grown. They’ve taken the time to get to know our needs, as well as our culture, and have repeatedly found us highly talented professionals that have the best potential to succeed in our organization. They are more than just a resource for us; we consider 101Corporate Group Inc. to be a true business partner.”
Miki I., Director of Product Development