We believe in collaborating with our clients and providing a solid foundation of skills to help them achieve their goals. We go above and beyond technical expertise to understand our clients’ individual needs, allowing us to quickly identify the ideal fit. Permanent Hiring, Temporary/Contract Staffing, and Executive Hiring are all services we provide. When hiring permanent personnel, organizations must exercise extreme caution because these employees will represent the company’s vision and mission in the marketplace. Our recruiting specialists at101 Corporate use strict criteria to select and shortlist the best candidates to present. Contract staffing is the perfect solution for firms that have a seasonal employment need that requires a particular skill set, need reinforcement during an employee absence, or want to evaluate fit before making a longer-term hiring commitment. Our contract staffing method enables businesses to reduce the risk of making the wrong full-time employee, incurring exorbitant costs, and making compliance mistakes. The selection or rejection of any candidate for executive or leadership positions is influenced by several subtle criteria. With nearly a decade of expertise in the sector, we at101 Corporateleverage our vast network as well as numerous data sources to find C-level executives for our clients. Our professional Executive Search Consultant, chosen following extensive interviews and meetings with our clients, employs comprehensive methodologies to apply industry best practices and is adaptable enough to accommodate the value propositions of respective clients through a transparent client brief. 101 Corporate has specialized in establishing, managing, and implementing HR procedures and policies as an expert in HR consulting and outsourcing with more than 7 years of expertise. In all elements of human resources and employment administration, we have the knowledge, technology, and best practices to assist you. Our HR solutions are designed to give businesses Dedicated Resources to manage and assist all HR and employment processes, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your business. HR Consulting and Outsourcing has always been a popular approach for companies to cut expenses, optimize internal processes, and focus on their main business activities. We work with startups, small enterprises, and large international corporations of all sizes. In nature, we are domain neutral. By matching the company’s human resources policy and business strategy,101 Corporateassists organizations in addressing the importance of HR outsourcing and consulting requirements. We assist businesses in managing important HR procedures, allowing our clients to achieve considerable operational excellence and seamless integration. We partner with companies to fully assist them in the transformation of their HR model to bring maximum value to their business. Our Human Resource Outsourcing services will inculcate activities throughout the entire duration of the employee life-cycle, right from sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and retirement. We know that outsourcing is stronger than ever before, especially when it comes to non-core operations like payroll because we work with numerous HR Managers, Admins, and key stakeholders. Payroll is critical to any organization’s success because it entails paying employees on time, without problems or errors, and is directly tied to employee happiness. Employees may manage their employment cycle from joining to relieving, upload documents, book leaves, and check payslips using a secure online platform that protects data protection. 101 Corporate offers a one-stop-shop for end-to-end payroll solutions that are clear, transparent, and extremely successful. We assist our clients in having a stress-free payroll experience. We’ve been in the HR industry for more than seven years. We can provide prompt and error-free payroll consistently because of our major investments in people, technology, and service. Nearly 75% of job seekers examine an employer’s brand when applying for or before applying for a job. Candidates who come across a terrible employer reputation online while looking for jobs are more likely to apply. Companies must consider the larger picture and ensure that they have a strong online presence on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook, Instagram, and other important internet platforms. Millennials and Gen Z, who are mobile, expect instant gratification, desire to be connected, and are entering the workforce, will require more persuasion and information about a company before applying or joining. The majority of businesses are having difficulty hiring suitable candidates, which is a major source of concern. In India, nearly 1.5 million engineers graduate each year. Despite the high number, only 7% of graduates are employable, with the remainder lacking soft skills and many others unemployed, making it difficult for businesses to find competent employees. Companies must broaden their outreach to attract qualified individuals as a result of the aforementioned scarcity of competent candidates. Companies can experiment with novel recruitment techniques, such as posting job openings on a variety of paid and free employment sites as well as on social media. A talent pool is a collection of qualified applicants who want to work for a company. Companies can ask prospects to join the talent network and learn more about the organization. This is an ideal opportunity for businesses to put their vision, technology, perks, growth, and prospects in front of the talent pool and convert potential employees. This talent pool will flourish if it is properly deployed. According to surveys, roughly 64% of job applicants have had a bad candidate experience. The majority of these job seekers will tell others about their terrible candidate experience, which will harm the company’s brand. To avoid this, employers must keep job seekers informed about their candidacy status at all points of contact, resulting in a better candidate experience. A streamlined selection process offers job searchers confidence and ensures that they have a positive candidate experience because they know what to expect next in the interview process. Jobseekers can plan and manage their job search efforts by attending many interviews and securing a position with their favorite firm if they have early insight into the selection process.

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Get the highly qualified IT talent you need to build effective, successful teams, matched precisely to your unique business needs. are needed to achieve successful system delivery.

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These days, hiring is a challenge. You need outstanding IT and Engineering professionals, but job boards and traditional staffing companies have left you with hundreds of resumes and no follow up. It’s all frustrating, time-consuming and money-wasting.


Agile offers IT jobs in Atlanta on a W2 or Corp-to-Corp basis.

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Agile can fill your need for one person or a team of experts to complete an upcoming project.

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Agile ensures that an employee is a good fit before making a commitment. Agile handles the administrative side of all contracts.


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“101Corporate Group Inc. has been the go to resource for our company as we’ve grown. They’ve taken the time to get to know our needs, as well as our culture, and have repeatedly found us highly talented professionals that have the best potential to succeed in our organization. They are more than just a resource for us; we consider 101Corporate Group Inc. to be a true business partner.”
Miki I., Director of Product Development